A Beginners Guide To Weight Lifting Exercises And Cardio Over 50

A Beginners Guide To Weight Lifting Exercises And Cardio Over 50

weight lifting exercises

weight lifting exercises I know as I age that spending time exercising isn’t a luxury it’s a must. Am I slowing the aging process by doing weight lifting exercises 2-3 times a week for instance? Is running 2-3 times a week helping my cardio fitness?  Is there proof this crazy dance I do with my trainer is worth it?

According to a US National Library of Medicine publication, the answer is yes. When properly measured, the assessment of physical fitness can be a highly valuable indicator of health and life expectancy.” They go on to say “Such training programs would allow people to develop their maximum physical potential, improve their physical and mental health, and attenuate the negative consequences of aging.”

Great news! I don’t need to write more for this post to be worthwhile – wrong.

How much cardio per week?

Many of my health coaching clients aren’t into running. The idea of a gym is like eating liver once a week. I have good news about all this including the liver.

Do you want to slow aging and stay young? Go outside. Get 30 minutes of sun daily. Walk if you can. The walk qualifies as cardio fitness. You can do just weight lifting exercises, but balance and longevity happen with a well-rounded fitness plan. How much cardio per week depends on your current health. If you’re new to cardio fitness, try walking and work up to daily.

Then if you like to jog, run, or speed walk. My husband decided to ride his bike!

Weight lifting exercises for beginners

Not a gym fan and no room at home to create your own? Stretching and your own body weight can be the perfect solution. Several of my health coach clients stretched or exercised learning about how disposal water bottles. I have a few weight lifting exercises for beginners.

Yep, grab two, 12 oz, 16 or 24 oz full water bottles filled and do bicep curls or triceps backs. I also recommend lateral lifts and front pulls. We just got your upper body weight lifting covered. Later you can decide to invest is low pound weights. These are simple and easy weight lifting exercises for a woman over 50 who hasn’t worked out.How much cardio per week

Exercise at home

Our own body weight can also be used for squats, lunges, and leg lifts. No gym needed and you can exercise at home.  If your goal is to stay young, then it’s important you don’t stop at getting into a routine. Keep increasing the free weight you lift and the number of squats you do weekly for instance.

How often should you lift weights?  If you’re doing this kind of program, daily is great. If you’re a beginner go for 3-4 times weekly because this is low intensity and low weight. The key is to challenge yourself. When it gets easy add a day. Then increase your weight and number of body weight exercises.


Health coaching for women

weight lifting over 50The three women I’m working with now all came to me because of age-related injuries, and they never have exercised, ate for health, or did any form of cardio fitness.

Health coaching, by the way, is meeting the client where they are! I have women who are warriors and foodies. A coach keeps you on track and sees things you don’t know about yourself. When we talk about eating, liver we think of a nice French pâté if you enjoy that sort of thing.

Now you have a starter plan for a healthier you. If you’re intermediate or advanced, isn’t the spring weather reason enough to take your workout outdoors?

5 Reasons weight lifting exercises for women over 50:

  • Bone Strength
  • Lose Weight
  • Helps You Deal With Stress
  • Women Who Lift Weights Tend To Be Happier
  • You Will Live Longer


5 Reasons to do cardio daily over 50

  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Stronger heart and lungs
  • More energy
  • More confidence and reduced stress levels.


There are many reasons to have use weight lifting exercises as you age along with cardio. If you want to stay young, it’s a no-brainer. You can start today and exercise at home. On that note, I’m out the door for a run!


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