How to Have An Even Better Life – Part 1

How to Have An Even Better Life – Part 1

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Have you ever wondered how life got to be this way? All messy and mucky. Sometimes painful even. You may be in actual physical pain too. Life isn’t easy; who said it would be?Self-Coaching

When Life Gets Messy

For many, life feels so messy that happiness seems fleeting. It’s the kind of thing where happiness just doesn’t seem available. There’s got to be a better way. I know there is because I changed my life using the tools I’m about to share with you.

It didn’t come easy. It took time. Was it worth it? Yes!

You Can’t Find Happiness If You Don’t Have These Tools


What life should look like is much different. It’s filled with happiness. Don’t take me wrong they’re still moments that life seems to get in the way or a messy situation happens. However life should never be painful, and again I’m not talking about physical pain. I am talking about that pain that comes from an emotional place.

Intimacy And Relationships

Intimacy And Relationships

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the relationship you’re in or one you wish you could have. It’s all those things around being with someone. It’s the closeness and the intimacy. And I’m not talking about physical intimacy only. It’s painful when the communication hurtful or nonexistent.

The core of relationships is built on feelings and emotions. Learning how to self-coach yourself with the five steps, I’ll be sharing very briefly can get you on your way to stronger relationships.

It isn’t just about the relationship you have. It’s also relationships you desire to have? We all want to have better relationships, and my goodness we want to have that emotional intimacy with others.

Health And Self-Coaching

Yeah life should be different it should be happy and pain-free, yet our health sometimes gets in the way. I mean our health of all things can slow us down and make life shitty. And it smells pretty bad too.  It may be literal, but definitely, it can stink metaphorically.

If you’re stressed out about your relationships or career at some point, your very health begins to break down. So how can self-coaching help with health? When you learn from a health coach tools, then you put the things you learn into action. This is part of self-coaching. It’s learning and listen to your life or health coach and then becoming empowered.

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Empower Yourself And Career

When we self-coach, we empower ourselves, and we have more success in our careers. In fact, often we can find that career that’s been invading us we can move forward in a way that seemed elusive to us. Our life should be different. It should be happy. It shouldn’t be filled with painful relationships, health problems, or career issues.

You’re probably asking yourself right now how things got so messy? Honestly, I don’t know how your life got so messy. I know how my life and my client’s lives have gotten all mucked up. I think it begins in childhood. It’s not a matter of did you have a great childhood, or the most horrible things happened to you. As a child, we see and hear things from an insufficient space and experience. Sure, crap happens.

Our Past Story And Self-Coaching

I know looking back that a lot of things I thought I knew were true about my family and how I grew up simply are not what I thought from not limited experience and a child’s mind. Knowing that my thoughts are powerful, I am able to clear out the misconceptions and beliefs that stalled my life for years. Take my word for it let go of the past, or you’ll screw up your future, and right now that’s a big part of why things are so crappy!Health And Self-Coaching


To learn more about Self-Coaching Click on the image below to schedule a FREE coaching call with me, Debra. Let’s get you my Self-Coaching Blueprint designed for just you.

It’s what empowers you. Self-coaching is long lasting. It is your secret superpower forever. A life coach can help you. Yes, I believe in coaching especially life coaching. Life coaching or any other kind of coaching doesn’t work alone.

I bet you didn’t expect that, did you? A coach telling you, you’re the best coach for you. If you did then go ahead and signup on my website for the free self-coaching lessons! Call or Email me!

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