Is There A Best Exercise For Menopause?

Is There A Best Exercise For Menopause?

online health coachMany women reading this are postmenopausal.  Others are in early menopause we all have in common one thing. It sucks unless you get on top of the weight gain and symptoms. Let me share the best exercise for menopause.

‘Your one workout away from a better mood.’ Unknown 

Menopause Sucks


No one told me to start exercising. In fact, I got fat. So did many of my online health coaching clients.  The weight more than low energy or hot flashes got them to invest time and money in themselves. The most common feeling for these women is that their body has betrayed them.

It wasn’t the menopause hot flashes, it was how to lose weight after 50 that makes women seek health coaching many times. While fitness will help weight, it also has great benefits for hot flashes, low energy, insomnia, and night sweats.the best exercise for menopause

My Question

Why didn’t their doctors tell them when they were in their 30-40’s. “Go exercise!” Give them a referral to a health coach or something at least!

That’s the best time to begin seriously adding exercise to your day. Heck, the best time is now. Your age doesn’t matter. Start as a child and keep going throughout life.

The best exercise for menopause

Here is the best exercise for menopause. Walking

We’ve become a society of women that sit on our bottom for a living. Make walking a part of your day.

Hands down more women report walking, bicycling, and dancing helps them with losing weight after menopause. I love running myself. It helped me with all my symptoms.

Strength training the best exercise for menopausethe best exercise for menopause


We use to lift kids, carry lots of groceries and laundry around staying in shape and keeping our strength.  As we age and with digital help, you don’t need to do as many things we did as young moms or women in the past.

I know that sounds like men don’t do these things – they do I’m not talking to them here.

Our muscle mass decreases as we age. If we don’t exercise, you can lose as much as 3- 5% of your muscle mass each decade. Active women still lose muscle too. Age-related sarcopenia as it is known is slowed by doing strength training 3-4 times weekly.

There’s little doubt that during menopause we tend to lose more muscle mass and tend to put on more weight. There is no best exercise for menopause. All kinds of strength training along with cardio create a good plan for menopausal women.

Workout At Your Level

online health coach

In doing research for this article, I found that most information believes women over 50 are out of shape. I know this isn’t true because of my own clients!

You’re likely not too different.

‘On good days I workout. On bad days I workout harder.’Unknown

Create a balanced program for yourself of biceps, triceps, back and chest exercise. Are you doing these now? Great how can you vary your routine?  Will adding a few tools help if you have a home gym?

When it comes to strength remember core muscle work can be done daily.

Hold in your core while you do squats for instance. Do this by standing on a Bosu Ball.

Experiment with uneven lunges off your Bosu too. Get into using a balance board as well.

I’m all about getting more out of my strength training. If I can make the most of my core too, that’s a win.

More women are thinking of Yoga for strengthening. It builds core and muscles. It is commonly thought to be the best exercise for menopause. I recommend the non-heated type if you’re still having hot flashes and night sweats.

There is no best exercise for menopause. There is the best plan though for you. Discover it through exploration on your own or with an online health coach.


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