Online Health Coaching

online health coaching

My Coaching Story

I am happy you found me. My goal is to help you take back your life. Stop settling! I know what it’s like how impossible it seems because I was there too once.

Over weight, beaten down by the bullies in my life, and all the struggles. What helped me is what I mentor and teach you.

It’s part self-coaching and part life-coaching. Yeah – Yeah – I tried lots of people, read a ton of self-help books, did the guru thing, even wondered if it all was a bunch of crap. 

The problem was I didn’t have the right coach. Once I found my coach, my life began to change. It isn’t that they did it, it’s that I did it. They offered the understanding of how and why to do things. Then I made my own choices, I did the changes in my life.

This is what I teach how I did it, how to help you create better relationships, happier business lives, meaningful careers and healthier- skinnier bodies.

Online Coaching

Why online coaching? I’ve found over the past two decades that my clients are from all over the world. With technology today, we can use zoom, Skype, or the phone. It’s your choice.

I offer 2 methods of working with me currently though I am opening a new program shortly and looking for beta-testers! Are you interested?

Find out more about this by calling me. Yes, Call Me. I likely can’t talk – but if you leave your number and name I’ll phone you back if in the USA. If you wish to contact me outside the USA – please connect via email and then we can use Skype.