Self-Coaching Take Time – Part 2 How To Have A Better Life

Self-Coaching Take Time – Part 2 How To Have A Better Life

5 step method of coaching

Self-Coaching Takes Time

In the beginning, it feels like nothing works. At the beginning of adulthood, we carry with us all of these patterns and beliefs. There is family stuff. Religion or and what our community or culture says is true. Is it right for you now? Self-coaching helps you unravels what you want and not what others push you to do. 5 step method of life coach

In fact, all thoughts that we have seem to be in a cycle or pattern that never ends. This cycle or pattern is based on our past experience and interpretation. With the five steps, you’re able to rewrite life-cycles. Does it seem a little bit like you’re stuck in a Groundhog Day like the movie?

So How Can We End This Cycle And Began A New Lifecycle?


By learning how to use your own personal values or beliefs. ,  In my five-step method, you’ll understand your beliefs create thought. You will know how to create the right thoughts to have the life you want.

We feel emotions and feelings around specific thoughts.  If our feelings and thoughts are on the negative or do not serve our highest good, we begin to take action steps that create the same result once again. The model is simple. These are the five steps we need to understand and be in control of our life. Now I didn’t create this model. I first found it in writings from the 1800 and early 1900’s. Many people have laid claim to the model. Its author is long dead from another century ages ago.

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The Five-Step Model

  1. Our SITUATIONS are the result of our thoughts.
  2. Our THOUGHTS are formed from our beliefs and past experience.
  3. When fueled with FEELINGS such as love, hate, anger or passion they become stronger. We act upon them.
  4. When our thoughts and feelings come together, we usually take reactive action. This is ACTION based on old patterns. It’s reactive rather than proactive or responsive. This keeps us in a pattern of an unhappy crappy life.
  5. Finally is the RESULT of our actions. This is the outcome of everything else. It could be the same circumstance or event. It could be an entirely different situation yet it’s the same pattern or cycle. You can break this pattern, and I’m going to help you through with self-coaching!

Ongoing Training To Help You Self-Coach


The result in every situation of your life needs to be new and different. The only way this happened is to learn how to use these five steps in a positive direction to self-coach yourself to happiness in the life you desire. I’m offering to help you with that. All you have to do is sign-up for my free lessons on my website!

There’s no catch, nothing.

You Know What I’m Saying. You Have To Change.

How life got this way is repeatedly doing the same thing. To have a different life, a happy, a life filled with quality relationships, a career, and good health you have to make a big change.

I bet that’s scary. A big change. I know it was scary for me, so I learned how to apply this model in a straightforward method that breaks it down into smaller pieces. This makes it very achievable self-coaching coupled with coaching can bring you success. What keeps you successful is the self-coaching you do for the rest of your life.

Why Self Coach?Self-Coaching

It’s what empowers you. Self-coaching is long lasting. It is your secret superpower forever. A life coach can help you. Yes, I believe in coaching especially life coaching. Life coaching or any other kind of coaching doesn’t work alone.

I bet you didn’t expect that, did you? A coach telling you, you’re the best coach for you. Find out more about how working with a coach and yourself can help you! Call or Email me! 




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