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The Elephant In The Room – What’s holding you back from losing weight?

could ask you what’s holding you back from losing weight; or why haven’t you started on this or that in your life. In other words, why are you’re not taking action because you know what — that’s where a lot of coaches begin is trying to figure out where you’re not taking action. Fear of failing again stops us.

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Can You Detox Without Dieting?

Hitting the gym may be the new way to detox without dieting. When we move our body raising our body temperature we sweat and we breath heavier. Both detoxify your body of things like insecticides, toxic metals and body waste stored in your fat tissue. Besides losing weight why do you want to detoxify your…
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Get Into The Habit Of Losing Weight Tips

There’s no doubt about it losing weight is hard. Will exercise work, or should you change your eating? What about your hormones? They all matter and how do you know what advice to listen to. Our entire health is related to our weight too. If you’re over weight you have a higher risk of joint…
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