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The Elephant In The Room – What’s holding you back from losing weight?

could ask you what’s holding you back from losing weight; or why haven’t you started on this or that in your life. In other words, why are you’re not taking action because you know what — that’s where a lot of coaches begin is trying to figure out where you’re not taking action. Fear of failing again stops us.

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How to Have An Even Better Life – Part 1

Have you ever wondered how life got to be this way? All messy and mucky. Sometimes painful even. You may be in actual physical pain too. Life isn’t easy; who said it would be? When Life Gets Messy For many, life feels so messy that happiness seems fleeting. It’s the kind of thing where happiness…
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Why Doctors Trust The Wrong Lab Work When It Comes To Thyroid And Weight Loss

The Does this sound like you and your weight loss? “Okay if my thyroid isn’t stopping me from losing weight then what is?” Sarah asked. Her doctor gave her the standard answer about getting older shrugging his shoulders as he walked out of the room saying he’d see her in a year. She didn’t buy…
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Anxiety Why It Might Be Menopause!

Feel like your hormones are out of balance?  Zinc or foods that contain this mineral may be the answer. Many women going through menopause experience symptoms like anxiety or night worries when their hormones and zinc are out of balance. Menopause and Zinc Zinc is powerful in helping with hormone production in older professional women…
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