The 5 Step Model

The 5 Step Model

Law Of Attraction

I had a chance to go to a great wedding this weekend. My son, the best man did a great job with his speech. The couple was radiant. For me, it’s always wonderful to watch the 5-step model in action. Unknowingly this sweet couple was using Universal Principle to make this day perfect. The event was the outcome of their thoughts, feelings, and actions.5 step model

Ernest Holmes And Law Of Attraction

This Universal Principle is known as a law of nature. It’s a law like gravity or seasons first and foremost. Humans have understood and used it for centuries. One of the mentors I had, Dr. Ernest Holmes was very popular in the 19th century. He created or unraveled something about the law of attraction. Personally, I don’t care for this term too much as it’s been abused by marketing. Holmes went so far as to form a ‘treatment’ as it is called to help people. Licensed Practitioners like myself specialize in sworking with people doing treatments.

We’re only concerned here with the part called “declaration” which within it holds the 5-step model. To declare what you want is powerful.  Beneath this simple step is the power that makes things change in who you are, how you believe, and what happens to you.

Was Their Wedding So Great Because They Expected It To Be?

Being at this wedding yesterday, I’ve got marriage on my mind. Last night the bride said ‘I do’ to the love of her life. It was beautiful watching two people so happy. Their thoughts were around the celebration. Knowing this couple well, they knew it would go off flawlessly. That their friends would have a great time. They didn’t worry about the small glitches that are present in every event of life including wedding celebrations.

This lovely couple had nothing but hopeful thoughts fueled with feelings of happiness around their wedding day. TheLaw Of Attractiony wanted the event to be fun and memorable. They didn’t let negative comments from others filter in.

Committing To Your Vision

Both remained committed to their dream and vision. Took their time up to the last-minute planning and let go of the small stuff they knew they couldn’t control. Things like grandma’s wheelchair couldn’t make it into the reception with her in it. They sat her outside in a comfortable chair, folded the wheelchair, then the groom carried grandma over the doorway gaining applause from everyone. He followed it up by carrying his bride next!

Other little things didn’t slow them down they took action and saw the outcomes they wanted. This is putting the law of attraction into action. This is the kind of things that happen when we change our beliefs and behaviors. Changing must come first. No change means no new outcome of the circumstances in your life.

Change Who You Listen Too For Better Relationships

When we listen to our hearts, not the crappy voice in our head that says, “I bet something’s going to go wrong!”  We begin us change our behavior and beliefs. A thought is a powerful thing. If yours are not bringing you what you want, it’s more that the surrounding of your life, it’s how you are thinking. Make a different declaration.5 step model, law of attraction

Here are the steps in case you’ve missed working with me in the past and want to know.

The 5 Step Model

  • Events
  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Actions
  • OutcomeWhat in your life could use a change?  Are their relationships you dream of having yet seem elusive? Everything is a relationship even the one we have with ourselves. How can you use the 5-step model to change your relationships or bring the right one into your life?

    If you’d like to learn more about using the 5-Step Model give me a call or email me! I’d love to talk with you.







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