The Elephant In The Room – What’s holding you back from losing weight?

The Elephant In The Room – What’s holding you back from losing weight?

What’s holding you back from losing weight?

I could ask you what’s holding you back from losing weight; or why haven’t you started on this or that in your life. In other words, why are you’re not taking action because you know what — that’s where a lot of coaches begin is trying to figure out where you’re not taking action.

What about the elephant in the room? Will talk about that in a minute.

For me though because I’ve been there and experienced this problem I know right where you probably are. And it’s something you may not even be recognizing. Something that’s flowing from you — messing you up screwing you up.

In fact, it’s simply fear.

What’s Holding You Back From Losing Weight?

That’s the elephant we tiptoe around, make excuses for, we hide from it. We don’t even identify it most of the time.

So now that we’ve got that cleared up, we can move on and actually talk about what to do with this thing that freezes us up. It holds us back.


Has two meanings.

Forget everything and run. 


Face everything and RISE

The Choice is yours. “

what’s holding you back from losing weight

Remember it’s fear, not something else. We don’t realize it, but we move through our choices making decisions and excuses because we’re afraid to do something new or different.

Fear Is A Pattern

Fear and change


It often is an early program we learned when our parents or others made choices for us. It can seem hard to change something that worked so well growing up. I know because I did this too! what’s holding you back from losing weight is also rooted in the past too.

You’re saying Deb, I make my own decisions! I know you do. What to eat, or wear today. You arrive at work or take the kids to school at certain times because you choose to do this.

About 50% of your day is a choice. The other 50% is a habit. Some habits overlap with our daily routine or choices.

I’ve been reading a book that talks about how habits are formed it’s the Power Of Habits. At the beginning of the book, he talks about putting mice through a maze to get to receiver a treat. In the beginning, their brainwaves work like crazy until they find the cheese. The next time a little less effort and finally the research shows that the mice hardly use any brain activity to run the maze to the cheese.

what's keeping you from losing weight

We form habits based on both good and bad experiences. If we failed at weight loss – not once but many times our brain doesn’t like the idea of going on a diet. In fact, I know my mind kept telling me that changing my eating habits was a diet!

Did your mind do the same thing to you the last time you tried to lose weight, start your own business, or work on yourself?

We Fear Failing


We all fail. Often, we fail at many things and if we don’t keep trying fear can be a leading factor in why we quit. Back to losing weight, it’s hard work, and if you lose it but gain it all back, most people feel like they messed up somewhere. The truth about weight loss is that we overeat, our hormones play a role, and our mind makes us think we’re still hungry when we’re not.

what's keeping you from losing weight

Breaking The Cycle Means Changing Your Habit

In order to begin to change our habit around losing weight, we can start a new cycle – using the word cycle to remember the steps.

C – Claim Your Power over food

Y – Don’t Yield to your brain

C – Consciously choose how much you need to eat each meal, each day.

L – Let your common sense talk you out of that extra serving, the second piece of cake, or another glass of wine.

E – End your eating by 6 pm and don’t snack during the day or in the evening.

The elephant in the room – fear can look many different ways. It can be of failing or even succeeding. It can be of what other people will say when you tell them what you’re doing. What’s holding you back from losing weight is the lack of deciding to do everything you can to rise instead of run away.

Photo by Drew Graham,  Thought Catalog, on Unsplash


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