Why You Aren’t Taking Any Action Steps On Your Dreams

Why You Aren’t Taking Any Action Steps On Your Dreams

action steps

Where are you not taking action? Action steps are more than a plan or template. It starts with how you are thinking.

action steps

It’s not that they don’t have dreams or goals it’s more about the motivation for most people. They lay out the action steps, and nothing happens. So what stops us or blocks our motivation?

Motivation And Action Steps

Maybe you dream of losing weight. But you eat when you’re not even hungry. Do you eat when you’re stressed when you’re thinking about your business or family?

Speaking of losing weight. It’s a goal right. We can set goals around our business or relationships too. It starts with a desire or dream.

Having a dream is easy. Setting goals is a little more involved. Taking that first action step to make our dream a reality can be a real struggle!

Why do we struggle against something we want?

We may tell ourselves a story that we have to be perfect. We get stuck in our head. We get stuck in thoughts that sidetrack us. We then lose motivation as we take care of other things we think are more important. This takes us off our chosen action steps and before we know it the day is past. Setting goals is art of the process of being successful in what we desire.

action steps

Our Thinking Is Always In Control

So how do we stop doing this?

In New Thought, I learned about How Life Got To Be This Way. It’s life coaching on steroids basically.

It goes back to the model that I learned, and that is part of life coach training too.

And it goes like this.

setting goals

Our current situations are all created by our thinking. Our thinking creates feelings inside us either positive or negative. Then we react based on what we feel as we act on this emotion.

The result is the outcome of this process. It’s like a vicious cycle and often is known as the 5-step cycle in self-help or New Thought.  

Our lack of following our action steps is because of what we think.

Change how you think right?

It’s not that easy, is it.

Letting Go Of The Story In Your Head

For a long time, you’ve held on to your story. To change how you think is to forget the past crap and let no one and nothing control your thinking.

Don’t give up because you can do this regardless of your age or how big a story you’ve let control your thinking. Stay with me, I’m here to help you do this.

My quick formula to help you start changing how you think is to observe your thoughts.


We’ll use the word OBSERVE to help use.

O – Sit in a comfortable chair and open your mind to accepting new ideas.

B – Start with paying attention to your breathing.

S Say ‘I am confident as you breathe in.

E – As you exhale, ‘I take action.’  Or whatever you want to say in your mind. This doesn’t have to be out loud.

R Respond to any thoughts that come up by just acknowledging that you had a thought and let it go.

V View any tight places in your body as you do this. Imagine your breathe going there and relaxing any tight muscles in that area.

EEnd with letting go of anything that might block your success today by saying to yourself – “I can do this!”

Setting Goals

The best time I’ve found to do this is first thing in the morning. It’s not quite meditation, but it’s mindful.

Think of it this way. You’re taking back control of who you are. You’re reinventing yourself. You’re dropping that massive bag of rocks – called your story – you’ve carried so long.

Setting goals helps you be productive. Actual action steps create successful outcomes provided you have the right mindset. Use Observe to help you build your dreams.

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